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splintrdlolipop's Journal

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  • Laszlo stayca
industrial/synthpop/80's; basically electronic musique...
I major in art education with a specialization in painting. Love sci-fi anything. Favorite director: Tim Burton; actor: Al Pacino.
If I were to become a lesbian: JLo

I have four pets:
Kohana: dwarf flopsy-eared bunny (grey)
Onuff: dark red male beta
Gabriel: red tabby w/red eyes
O'rion: red tabby w/yellow-orange eyes

Shared Pets (all kitties):
Zepheria: solid blk w/orange eyes
Isis: blk w/a white diamond on chest, green eyes
Isaac: russian grey with blue eyes
Squeak'm: orange tabby w/yellow eyes
Malloci: egyptian; blk/grey w/green eyes

Recently adopted into a non-kitty home:
Lugosi: brwn and white hamster (passed away: 8/19/02)