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Before I die... [Jul. 21st, 2005|11:18 pm]
Meet Lars Fredericksen
Be asked to dance
Have sex in an elevator
Go to a drive in movie
Change my name
Loose a strip poker game
Live on the West Coast
Get a Zoology Degree
Open a Gourmet Dessert shop
Get a professional massage
Create a chip that allows people to see the last image a person saw before they died
Have a cookout with 50 of my closest friends willing to eat buckets of KFC and drink cheap beer while Guns & Roses performs
Dress like Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas for Halloween
Have Jesse James take me for a ride on a custom chopper
Drive a 4 wheeler through a mud bath with friends
Find inner peace
Make up my mind
Sit on the set of a Tim Burton film
Travel through England, France, Ireland and Scotland
See New York at Christmas
Buy a good watch
Join Suicide Girls
Stop biting my inner lip
Be in two places at once
Be noticed by my father
Complete a novel
Pet a killer whale
Get over stage fright
Buy the house a round
See panda bears upclose
Save an animal from euthanasia
Spend an entire day on a sail boat fishing
Have flowers sent to me at work
Paint a mural
Find the purpose to flies
Read a book nonstop from morning until night
Learn to play Landslide on the guitar
Tie Tony to a railroad
Be serenaded
Have a book dedicated to
Lay in a field of lilies
Appreciate the day